What do you know about cyber sex dating?

Internet gives us infinite powers. We can download movies, chat with people from other countries (and even continents), pay bills, buy furniture and… look for sexual partners (oh, yeah!).

Human nature is rather simple: sex, sex, sex, more sex, less sex, more sex again. Intimacy is what we need to feel well and to be productive in what we do. Researchers even say that sexually satisfied people (consequently, those people who are happy) receive 10% higher salaries. Why? Because they are positive. Why they are positive? Because they have as much sex as they need.

As simply as this, we have gradually come to the point of hooking up with hot adults online. It is here where cyber dating plays the major role. Wanna’ know why?

- We are too busy and overburdened by daily routine and various chores that seldom have time to jazz it with hot singles in real life – the time has come to CHANGE it

- Having kids and families affects our private life to a serious extent – the time has come to go for BOOTIE CALLS

- Internet gives us 10,000 wider scope for making new friends and sex-contacts (why not?) – the time to have fine with more people HAS COME

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I'm a nerdy guy. I like to watch movies. Also wanting to make movies, but not going to film school or anything for it. I'm not sure what I want when it comes to relationships or friends with benefits... Maybe you can help me out with that.
Dang I really went overboard up there. I like women, all races hair color......body type....I like a woman to hook to plow....not fuuny...Tall ladies with big boobs and butts to match. I also like petite....skinny...it all depends. I like educated women who like me think they know it all. Or Humble quiet ladies.....who happen to be very sexy, but do not know it. I am a one woman man. I had my flings in my 20's and 30's....some people can not be loyal...I do not consider it a character flaw.....there looking for a thrill.....both sexes I am speaking. Alas I have matured in that area. So be a pirate or a social worker. Blue collar.....Phd....I can and will find some one to love again.....It seems harder...internet has been disapointing. I tried to meet ladies. My buddy has been exclusively finding nice ladies. Be warned
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i am just a country boy trying to find a lady to share my life with
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