3-13 minutes – new time frame for a good sex?

It seems like people who usually spend about 4-5 minutes on having sex will have scientifically grounded reason to say: “What do you know! We're sex giants!” However, let's turn to the facts. Recent survey carried out to determine the average duration of heterosexual intercourse reveals that 3-7 minutes could be considered as an "acceptable" result, and 7-13 minutes count as "desirable" duration of “making love.”

About 34 U.S. and Canadian sex therapists completed aforementioned survey. Almost half of them (45%) were “stronger sex” representatives with 26 (average) years of clinical experience. In other words, those people can be trusted. 25 of them confirmed 3-7 minutes time frame; 8 were sure that time depends on the very couple (suppose, this opinion will be “top-rated” among the readers); one “wriggler” skipped the question.

As a result, "many sex therapists consider coitus that lasts as little as 3 minutes to be of adequate length," state the researchers, including Eric Corty, PhD, of Penn State Erie. This could mean that generally accepted “dreams and expectations” about long sexual performance could be considered as “unreal.” Hope, further research will shed more light on this interesting situation.