Genetic improvements need sex!

Did you ever had that heretical thought: “Why do I bother with sex? There are many organisms which do without sexual intercource in their relations and seem to feel great about that...” Bet, you did! But what could be reasons (except ones connected with the “preservation of the species”) for us to have sex, indeed? The current study conducted by William R. Rice and Adam K. Chippendale, researchers from the ecology department at the University of California in Santa Barbara, provided data for the following curious theory: sex may be a means of improving for our genes, replacing the “bad” genes (so called “luggage”) with more promising ones. Imagine a deck of cards. Every time we reshuffle it we get new combination. The fact is: those cards are our genes, and sex plays the role of hands shuffling those cards. As a result we have real chances to improve the immune system, for example. “Good” gene mutation seems to be a reason of the cases when some people successfully resist various diseases.

Doubtless that transmitting of good genes from generation to generation takes place in “non-sexual” reproduction. However, sex considerably accelerates this process. Well, we'll wait for further news, providing evidence of that theory.