Life is sweeter with kisses.

In our enlightened age almost all aspects of human life could be considered as study objects for scientists. Love and sex are not exceptions. Is it good or bad - let everyone decide for himself. One thing remains unchanged: it's always interesting to know scientists' opinion about such well-known and usual things like kisses.

Indeed, why do people kiss? What a strange way to reveal our feelings to each other. Wet lips, breath (not always fresh), and (of course!) those frisky tongues - can't we do without that kind of petting? It appears, we can't. Moreover, we really enjoy kisses and don't miss the smallest chase to “dig into the lips” of our beloved ones. Hilda Hutcherson, the contributing editor Redbook, has separate chapter devoted to kisses in her “What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X” book. “For some women, kissing is even more intimate than intercourse. That deep level of connection you get when you lock lips and tongues is important,” says authoress. Scientists, in their turns, are glad to provide us with data concerning benefits we get from kisses. The fact is: when we kiss, our bodies release such hormones as oxytocin and endorphin, which are “responsible” for our feeling of happiness and desire. In short, kissing makes us feel great!

Well then, let's stop that idle talk. It's time to move to practice now, don't you think?