Men can be “artists” in bed, too.

Did you know that men fake orgasm too? Guess, you didn't! Recent study, conducted by psychologists from the University of Kansas, revealed rather curious statistics: 25% of men among 200 college students appeared to be “simulators.” The other surprise is: most of male practicing such a pretence, were rather experienced in sex. Although, if think of it, there's nothing surprising about that: to counterfeit a gem, you have to know it's features and know them well! But what are the reasons for men to avoid orgasm achievement? Scientists found that most common reason to “put an end to an act” was unwillingness to continue to sexual intercourse. In addition, 50% of men, participated the survey, reported simulating to get rid of hurting partners' feelings and other negative consequences. As for the way men do it, “[they] go through some of the same theatrics that women go through. Physically, it's harder to pull off, but if you are having safe sex [using a condom], it's not that obvious. This is one reason why male faking has rarely been studied,” says Michele Promaulayko, editor-in-chief of Women's Health magazine. Perhaps, those artistic abilities shouldn't be wasted in vain: they would be very useful during a foreplay, don't you think?