Shining but empty inside appearance is a sure way to loneliness.

Most today's publications “about love'n'sex” are full of recommendations on how to attract opposite sex, have the “sexiest sex” ever, etc. But just a couple of those “advice -givers” pay their attention to the stuff that lies behind our “big boards” - our shiny appearance. That's right! We're talking about personality.

Moreover, people of science tend to support this lovers' desire to learn more about the personality of each other. According to the study conducted by Gary Lewandowski Jr., PhD, assistant professor of psychology at Monmouth University (New Jersey), and his colleagues, “personality goes a long way toward determining your attractiveness; it can even change people's impressions of how good looking you are.” In other words, you can have appearance of an angel, but if it is suplemented with demonic perfidy, that last one will take all the credits.

As follows from reports of 78 student from a northeastern U.S. university, participated the study, good looking people “lose their points” if they have unsightly personalities, and vice versa: people who look “average or below the average” can get all the chances to win the “date of dream” thanks to their awesome personal qualities. So, boys and girls, let's not forget to cherish both outside and inside beauty of ourselves.